Heidi Montag’s Plastic Surgery Addiction

Recently, reality TV personality Heidi Montag revealed to People that she is “beyond obsessed” with plastic surgery. She admitted to having an insane TEN procedures in one day.

Art Streiber/People Magazine

Look at the difference in these before and afters!

Personally, I think Heidi was cute before, back in the days of Laguna Beach and the earlier seasons of The Hills.

Photo: Celeb Spin

She told People that this is part of her journey to becoming “the best me” and that, “People can say whatever they want, but I’m the one living in my skin.”

This is kind of sad. Shouldn’t becoming “the best me” have something to do with helping others, doing good work, and improving yourself from within? Not having 10 procedures in one day at the age of 23!!! While I’m not knocking plastic surgery forever and saying that I would never do it (I’m 21, I have no idea how saggy my eyes are going to be at the age of 55 – although the idea of going under the knife does make me sick), I think that you’re altering a little but of you when you alter facial features. Maybe she had her father’s nose before… now she sure doesn’t. I think Heidi was cute before, and her look now is ANYTHING but natural. Is all of this plastic surgery really going to make her happy and help her find her “best me?”

Or is she on the fast track to become the next Jenny?

Image: Oprah

Ah. Let’s hope not.


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  1. what a nice header where did you get it?!

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