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I want Will Ferrell Sunscreen!

So maybe Will has been on a slight decline in the laugh-out-loud-funny department after Elf and Anchorman, but when I saw his new line of sunscreen, I found it absolutely hysterical.

Courtesy of Will Ferrell Sunscreen

Courtesy of Will Ferrell Sunscreen

Will Ferrell Sunscreen comes in three cleverly and crudely named formulas: Sun Stroke, Sexy Hot Tan, and Forbidden Fruit. Each has an SPF of 30, which is the perfect amount of everyday protection (depending on who you ask). The formulas are scentless and don’t leave a greesy residue. And I love the fact that you’ll be able to wear these without smelling like you just stepped off the Banana Boat.

The bottles retail at $12, which is pretty much the average cost of a sunscreen. Next time your at the beach or the pool, these ridiculous bottles will be the perfect conversation starter when the cutie next to you asks to borrow your sunscreen.

And.. there’s more. 100% of proceeds benefit the Cancer for College’s College Willpowered Scholarship Fund, an organization that grants scholarship funds to cancer survives and amputees.  So you’ll be protecting your skin, Will Ferrell Style, and seriously helping out a great cause.

Seams to me like it’s a win-win 🙂

You can purchase your Will Ferrell Sunscreen on,, or the charity’s web site. I’m totally ordering mine.. right now!


Adriana Lima is Prego!

The beautiful Victoria’s Secret Angel, Adriana Lima and basketball cutie Marko Jaric are expecting their first child together. Adriana and Marko were wed in a super secret ceremony this Valentine’s Day.

Adriana wrote on her blog, ““Little Marko or Adri is coming soon..:) Beijos”

I wonder when she’s due and if she will be able to grace the cat walk for the annual VS Fashion Show. Probably not since that’s usually in early December 😦

Congratulations Adriana and Marko! This child will probably be the most adorable little boy or girl on the planet.

Jessica Beil Covers ALLURE

Jessica Beil graces the July cover of the beauty glossy – Allure.


While we all know how much I love Allure, some of Jessica’s comments are a little strange. According to Socialite Life, she’s basically complaining about being too pretty, and the casting disadvantages she faces. She even says she wishes she could get the opportunities that Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman get. Call me crazy but.. they’re gorgeous also. Scarlett Johannson is bombshell hot, and Natalie Portman is beautiful – AND intelligent. There are plenty of genetically gifted actresses in Hollywood getting fantastic parts, and I don’t think there is such a thing as too pretty…

Perfect example. Charlize Theron, Monster. I’m sure everyone thought she was too pretty for that role.


Rachel Bilson Robbed… This is NOT ok.

Rachel Bilson’s home was robbed while her and her beautiful fiance Hayden Christiansen were in Canada. While this is obviously unjust… I find this case of petty theft to be especially CRUEL. Bilson is a style icon. She is one person in Hollywood who gets fashion. She gets personal style. She takes risks, and everyone loves her for it.

So who.. would EVER break into this adorable fashionistas house and steal all of her designer clothing? According a report in People, the robbers even made off with some of her grandmother’s jewerly… not to mention her collection of vintage size 5 shoes. Not exactly easy to come by…

I hope this evil person is caught. But like I said… who would do this? Someone with a grudge. And jealousy issues.


Met Gala Madness: My favorite fashionistas of the evening…

Most amazing dress of the night: Blake Lively. The last time I saw Ms. Lively on the red carpet, her too tight Nina Ricci number wasn’t doing it for me. But at the Met Gala last night, I think she stole the show in an INCREDIBLE teal Versace gown. 


The dress was just stunning, but on her, it was just perfect. The statuesque blonde pulls off the high slit with ease, the one sleeved look is very interesting, the embellishments divine, and her hair looks fabulous in a tight pony tale. The entire look is just so polished and perfect. She looked incredible. 

Anne Hathaway looked fabulous in a purple Marc Jacobs number. While this dress is not my favorite in the world, I think it’s a little bit avant garde for her, and it’s definitely something different. The hue is beautiful, and she looks adorable. I think the hair was perfect for the dress…


Kate Moss… how do we feel about this turban? I’m not sure how I feel about this look. But… it’s definitely different, and well she is Kate Moss. And what I would give to be Lorenzo’s date! He’s so adorable.


Leighton’s Luxe YSL Look is Ravishing.

I am LOVING this look. Leighton Meester dazzles in head to toe YSL at the Star Trek premiere, and it could not be more perfect. And BRAVO to her for daring to wear those wonderful, and kind of scary cage heels. I saw them in a mag months ago, and thought, “yes those are awesome, but who could ever pull them off?” Leighton has answered my rhetorical question!

This look is the perfect combination of romantic, flirty, and fierce! The heels are obviously super fierce and edgy, the zipper down the center of the dress adds a certain amount of bad girl appeal, and the bows adorning the back of the dress are oh so adorable and flirty. I’m loving the luxe gray satin. AND she keeps the hair and makeup soft and romantic… genius! 


Just Jared

Just Jared

Just Jared

Just Jared

Just Jared

Just Jared

Loving Leighton? Pick up the June issue of Cosmopolitan. The cover is stunning, and I just LOVE those work sheets that accompany the cover stories… I love seeing the stars’ handwriting. It’s really theirs right Cosmo?