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Anna Sui for Target: Gossip Girl Inspired Looks Debut!

When we heard about the Anna Sui for Target collection being inspired by the Gossip Girl series, of course we were all ears. Gossip Girl is part intense drama, part amazing fashion, part beautiful men. This winning combo had us all hooked from day one, and since the show debuted, our Monday nights have consisted of GG. Whenever an episode concludes, I feel inspired in the way of fashion. Whether it be by Blair Waldorf’s signature headbands, Serena Van der Woodsen’s thrown together funkiness, or Chuck Bass’s purple, plaid, preppy looks.  And I especially love when my favorite designs are featured, like Rebecca Minkoff and Philip Lim.

Anna Sui’s collection for Target is inspired by the fashionistas of Gossip Girl. What a genious idea. Combining a television show with a cult following that is about the fashion with affordability. Not everyone who loves Gossip Girl and the threads can afford the UES lifestyle. Anna Sui’s collection will attempt to make the GG style accessible to everyone.

Image - Teen Vogue

Image - Teen Vogue

I’m loving these looks. Imagine if someone created a collection based off the ladies of Sex & the City. New Jersey housewives would be snatching those clothes up!

This is a brilliant idea — BUT I’d love to see someone create these looks on their own, not purchase them in their local Target.


Chris Pine = One of People’s Sexiest Bachelors.

A couple days ago, I discussed how I was digging R. Pattz and his casual, effortless look as he was strolling about lower Manhattan (before he got hit by the cab).. But Chris Pine just takes the casual sexiness to a whole new level.

Courtesy of Just Jared

Courtesy of Just Jared

 Yes, I have had a crush on Mr. Pine since he starred along side my favorite accidental Princess – Mia aka: Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries 2. I’ve been onto his hottness since then, and I’m loving that he’s getting the attention he deserves now. He recently made the cut as one of People’s Sexiest Bachelors along with Chace Crawford and Brody Jenner (are we serious People?) and joins the ranks of the swoon worthy GEORGE CLOONEY and Brad Pitt.

Yes, Chris Pine is beautiful, but I really love his style. It’s just perfection. And as much as I see plenty of guys walking the street in plaid shirts and jeans, he makes it look much better. There’s some inexplicable sexiness factor. I just love what he embodies here. Uncomplicated, approachable yet undeniably one of the sexiest men ever…


PS: I have those exact Ray Bans. We were totally meant to be.

H&M and Jimmy Choo Collaboration: Coming This Fall!

On November 14th, H&M will launch it’s latest (and dare I say greatest?) designer collaboration starring Jimmy Choo. I almost didn’t believe this when I read it… This is the moment every Carrie Bradshaw-like writer or journalist with a real (not SATC Land) paycheck dreams about. This collaboration must be exactly like meeting your sole mate…

H&M has collaborated with fabulous designers like Matthew Williamson, Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf, Roberto Cavalli, and even Karl himself in the past, BUT the Sweedish brand has never collaborated with an accessories designer. This is a first step towards a trend I hope H&M continues to follow season after season. Their designer collaborations are always so well done, and this will surely follow suit.

Prices will begin at $49 for a pair of flats (a steal compared to Jimmy Choo’s starting price point of $400/$500 for flats) and cap off at around $250 for a pair of boots.

And we talk about a recession like it’s a bad thing. If the economy has inspired one thing to reevaluate itself — it’s the fashion industry.

Courtesy of H&M

Courtesy of H&M

Sienna Miller to Cover the July Issue of VOGUE

I’ve always admired Sienna Miller. She can walk down the street in a tshirt and jeans and just look chic and pulled together. I’m envious. She has that personal style that everyone loves and wants to embody.

I was so excited to discover that Sienna will be gracing the July cover of Vogue!

Courtesy of Vogue

Courtesy of Vogue


In the interview Sienna discusses the Jude Law Nanny Scandal and tells us that she’s never been on a real date!

Pick up the July issue of Vogue! It’s so nice to see a fresh face among the women’s magazine covers. I feel like I’ve been seeing ALL of the same women on covers lately!

Rob Pattz Causing a Stir in Manhattan

So today… I’m eating lunch at a certain cafeteria of a certain magazine publishing house where I am an intern.. and my intern friend A shrieks out loud when I read this text message I received from a friend… “Robert Pattinson is at NYU, Washington Square Park – go find him!” For a good 5 minutes, she debated whether or not we should venture down there in hopes of catching a glimpse him. Then.. I received another text message. This one read, “my cousin saw him, he said there we screaming girls everywhere.” That obviously ended any hopes we had of extending our lunch break.

Robert Pattinson was in New York City today filming for his new romantic drama, Remember Me.

While I do not understand the Robert Pattinson frenzy, and he may or may not actually smell, I kind of like his look. Yes, yes, it’s a little bit grungy and there’s much to be said about his hair, but a guy in a plaid button down is.. for some reason… my weakness! Along with Chuck Bass-like get ups.

Courtesy of Pop Sugar

Courtesy of Pop Sugar

He gets DOUBLE POINTS for drinking coffee from the lovely ny street vendors. Unless of course, that cup is a prop from filming…. But he definitely embodies that casual-i-don’t-give-a-crap look that girls obviously can’t resist.

It looks like this lack of sun we’ve been having is getting to him though!

Darling new bags from Rebecca Minkoff

Courtesy of Luna Boston
Courtesy of Luna Boston

Can we discuss my newest handbag obsession? OF COURSE (as if you didn’t know) the bag is designed by my favorite – Rebecca Minkoff – and the shape is just absolutely perfect.

The “Darling Shoulder Bag” is the perfect combination of slouchy leather bag and refined, lady like details. The leather tassels and gold hardware are what make this bag irresistable to me. And the shape is perfect for slinging over your shoulder as your running about your busy day. It’s roomy, but not too huge where you’ll end up being that annoying person on a crowded subway. The black is so versatile.

Seams to me like I’ve found my it bag for the fall season.

Stay tuned for more on Fall RM!