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Minkettes everywhere celebrate!

FINALLY the Minkette charm is available on

The term “Minkette” was coined by Rebecca Minkoff’s number one fan… although I disagree slightly since I think I am RM’s #1 fan :o) 

I’ll be purchasing the Minkette charm ASAP to attach to my fabulous Morning After Mini. The charm is the perfect budget friendly accessory to liven up your RM bag and give it a new look for spring!


Click to purchase your very own Minkette charm!

Click to purchase your very own Minkette charm!


Confessions of a Shopaholic hits close to home…

I have this absolute NEED to read books before the movies come out. A few weeks ago, I purchased The Reader, Revolutionary Road, and Confessions of a Shopaholic since I am definitely seeing all of the movies soon… 

The Reader was a deeply touching novel, and I haven’t gotten to Revolutionary Road yet BUT…

Confessions of a Shopaholic might as well be my autobiography. Rebecca Bloomwood aka Kaitlin (insert last name here). Some of the things Rebecca says are just SO dead on with the feeling us shopaholics get when we enter our favorite retail utopias. Sophie Kinsella makes me laugh out loud multiple times throughout the book. Maybe its because I empathize with Rebecca and I know where she’s coming from. But Kinsella is hilarious… and I especially loved that Rebecca was British…while reading I would begin to use phrases like shop assistant, bloody, and fancy (as in fancy him, her, this, that, etc.) 

I loved the book. It was witty and the situations Rebecca would find herself in reminded me of old episodes of the Honeymooners or I Love Lucy. The book itself is an indulgence… and a wake up call! I resolved to start making deposits into that savings account immediately! 

But… just by the previews I can already tell the movie is going to be quite different. For one, I’m pretty sure Rebecca is a New Yorker. But hopefully Luke Brandon is sexy 🙂


The Puffy Shirt!

We all know I’m obsessed with Seinfeld. I can apply any real life situation to an episode of Seinfeld, and it truly does drive my friends insane. But this was just TOO perfect…. 

Marisa Tomei showed up to the Golden Globes last night.. clad in her very own version of the Puffy Shirt. As if that’s not funny enough… She was a guest star on Seinfeld. Remember when George thinks he actually has a shot with her? 

I just find this all so humorous. Maybe her stylist is a “low talker” as well 🙂 

Actress Marisa Tomei arrives at the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awapuffy-shirt-2

Hollywood’s Best Dressed!

The Golden Globes just ended. And if you’re anything like me… you tune in as much for the glitz and glamour of the red carpet as you do for the awards. Nothing gets me more excited than seeing the gorgeous red carpet gowns… especially when they are Marchesa (except on Miley Cyrus).

First, I’d just like to say… I LOVE KATE AND LEO. Kate especially. She is both an amazing actress, and she always gets it right on the red carpet. My favorite red carpet moment of Kate’s was at the 2005 Oscars. That blue Badgley Mischka gown was just downright show stopping. But tonight was a close second. 


Kate at the Oscars in 2005. My all time favorite red carpet moment.


Tonight Kate was fabulous on so many levels. In a absolutely iconic Yves Saint Laurent dress she floated about… depicting Old Hollywood glamour, as always. She won Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Reader (which I am reading now – It’s riveting!) and Best Actress for REVOLUTIONARY ROAD. Her acceptance speech for Revolutionary Road was adorable… of course she mentioned her costar Leo and her husband and director Sam Mendes. I’m just so happy she finally won! She is truly an amazing actress. And I admire her accent!


Image - Just Jared

Image - Just Jared

Hollywood’s favorite on screen duo. ‘

Some other gorgeous picks for the event…

Drew Barrymore’s Galliano for Dior gown was fabulous. I truly loved the neckline and flutter at the bottom. I liked how she got creative and added the unexpected pop of color with the red clutch. I even liked her hair!

Image - Just Jared
Anne Hathaway looked stunning in the Navy Armani number. She always nails it on the red carpet…even if she doesn’t take any risks like so many people accuse her of.


You know I’m a huge fan of Blake. Of course she looked stunning tonight… but it wasn’t my favorite Blake moment. She brought her dad as her date… and I was a little disappointed she didn’t bring PENN! 

Penelope Cruz is always gorgeous.. not much more I can say about her!


I was disappointed with some fashion choices tonight… 

Mickey Rourke – TAKE A BATH. PLEASE.

Eva Mendes – You are freakin’ hot. But tonight I was not feelin’ it. The top of her dress did not fit well. The necklace was beautiful though, and I did like the bow. I was expecting more from someone so completely gorgeous!


Really JLo? Lets see how many versions of that chiffon Versace number we can find. Even though this one was (yes… I’m afraid to say) by Marchesa.

Miley Cyrus … DRESS YOUR AGE. She too wore Marchesa, and although I did like the dress, it was just so not age appropriate! She’s 15 (right?)


Image - Just Jared

Image - Just Jared

PLEASE MILEY … drop the peace sign. UGH.


That’s all for tonight. I’m BEAT! More of my version of the Fashion Police to come tomorrow 🙂