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Check out my Q&A with LINDA WELLS

I had the wonderful privilege of interviewing the super chic, totally fabulous Linda Wells, Editor in Chief of Allure, for New York Women in Communications. 

Linda dished about her letters from the editor (which I happen to think are the best in the business), what’s in her makeup bag, and how she spends her free time! 


Check out the Q&A here.


ed westwick looking better than everrrrr

I truly do love Ed Westwick, and his alter ego Chuck Bass. As I was scanning my daily dose of Gawker, I came across THIS picture…


Image - Gawker

Image - Gawker

Ed looks AMAZZZING scruffy. Seriously amazing. And can we discuss the fact that he is wearing a plaid button down – my favorite article of clothing on men. 

This just could not get any more beautifullll.

Return to Origins: The easiest way to recycle excess cosmetics packaging


Origins, the environmentally conscience cosmetics company, has launched a cosmetics packaging recycling program called Return to Origins. While some companies will take empty containers of their own product, some companies don’t even do that. I was very frustrated when I found an Elizabeth Arden mineral powder that I loved, packaged in a compact with a grinder, and I went to the counter to recycle this complex plastic packaging and they told me there was nothing I could do! 

The Return to Origins program accepts ALL cosmetics packaging… regardless of the brand or material. All you have to do is drop it into the recycling bins, set up in department stores and Origins stores across the country, and they do the rest!

3 Scary Facts*
– Everyday consumer product packaging accounts for 1/3 of all landfill waste
– Most community recyclers only take items made from materials that are easily recognized,       like soda and water bottles.  
– Cosmetic and toiletry bottles, tubes, caps and jars are among those items not easily           recognized and therefore not recycled.  
* Facts courtesy of Origins

The idea for the program was sparked when my favorite Editor in Chief, Linda Wells of Allure, wrote a provocative Editor’s Letter in Allure’s October 2008 issue. She expressed her disgust with the amount of packaging that goes into luxury beauty products, and how luxury is often synonymous with complex packaging. Origins took action, and the Return to Origins program was born!

Why not extend your spring cleaning to include your makeup bag? I know I have plenty of empty containers I wasn’t sure what to do with in the past… but I’ll be taking them to the Origins counter ASAP!

Rachel Bilson works as fashion editor at InStyle!

Rachel Bilson has quite arguably one of the most unique and always “on” styles in Hollywood. She’s so adorable, and her hipster inspired looks come across as unique and interesting, rather than annoying and constantly reproduced. She pairs casual tops with ripped jeans, demure bags, and shoes that don’t look like they would go, but her looks are always pulled together.

I was SO excited to discover that one of my favorite famous fashionistas will be writing a monthly column in InStyle

According to The Cut and WWD, Rachel will be a fashion editor at InStyle where she will address reader questions (yay!). In the May issue, Rachel reveals her favorite spring accessories include scarves with pom pom trim, an awesome alternative to fringe. 

I LOVE Rachel and her incredible style, so it’s safe to say I’ll be picking up the latest issue.


Just Jared

Just Jared

Wonder what’s in the box Rachel. Perhaps the most GORGEOUS beyond gorgeous pair of Hunters by Jimmy Choo. I cannot wait to see her donning those on the next rainy day!

Finally… The RM Mini Mini MAB

I saw RM herself holding this bag on some purse blog a few months ago… and I’ve been WAITING for its arrival. SO today… when I saw Rebecca Minkoff tweeted about Shop Bop’s new Rebecca Minkoff feature, I so obviously checked it out. And behold.. the mini mini.

This bag is absolutely perfect for summer. During the school year, I tend to lug my life around. I always have a notebook, my planner, and various other college student essentials in my bag. BUT in the summer, the load tends to be much lighter. Wallet, sunglasses, chap stick, and keys. Especially since I’ll be spending this summer in the city interning at a magazine, I like to keep the essentials to a minimum. 

Another thing I’m loving right now is the cross body strap. I thought I’d try it out, so I bought a very reasonably priced almond colored cross body bag from Forever 21, and I love it. So the RM Mini Mini will be the ultimate upgrade. 

The coral is beautiful.. but I’ve got my sights set on the Paper White. 

And the best part… due to the smaller size, the bag is more affordable. Now all I need is a paying job.

Blake Lively covers ALLURE!

Blake Lively, my favorite Gossip Girl, is featured on the cover of the MAY issue of Allure. The beauty devoted glossy, edited by my favorite EIC, Linda Wells, is known for its edgy, journalistic beauty stories. And Blake looks seriously edgy, and beautiful on the cover.


I’m loving the super thick eyeliner on her, and the nude lip is fabulous.


This Alexander Wang dress is perfection. Beautifulllll.

April showers bring… Rebecca Minkoff FLOWERS!

These divine little pouches made my rainy day suddenly cloud free! But Rebecca Minkoff tend to has that effect on people, TRUST ME. 

The Rebecca Minkoff Flower Trio is an adorable collection of three RM favorites (the Cory, Kerry, and Erin) in a gorgeous blue flower print. 

The trio is reasonably (for RM) priced at $88. But hurry! It’s a limited edition item, and is bound to fly away to brighten other girls’ spring days!

AND… This will make an adorable Mother’s Day gift, and the print is seriously so versatile. I’m thinking this could be the perfect addition for the inside of my MAB mini. The three pouches are perfect for the essentials: the smallest for change/metrocards, the medium for my endless supply of chapstick and lipgloss, and the largest for the makeup essentials! 


Image - Rebecca Minkoff

Image - Rebecca Minkoff