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Lady Gaga Covers New York Magazine


Lady Gaga is on the cover of the April 5, 2010 issue of New York magazine. New York is hands down my favorite publication. Vanessa Grigoriadis, author of the cover story, is hands down my favorite magazine writer. And Lady Gaga is hands down, my favorite artist. This is the kind of stuff that I dream about. (I WISH that was an exaggeration). If you listen to one piece of advice I’ve handed down in this blog it is this… GO. GET. THIS. MAGAZINE.

Tim Whitby/Getty Images

Image: New York

(I will post a bigger image as soon as I find one available)

As all Grigoriadis articles, this one is filled with pop culture references, seamless writing, and a lot of insight from those that know Gaga best. Grigoriadis first interviewed Lady Gaga in March 2009 for the story. I’m not going to give away anything, but it’s an amazing read, even if you aren’t one of Lady Gaga’s ‘Little Monsters.’ Here is my favorite quote, that closes the article:

“I believe that everyone can do what I’m doing … Everyone can access the parts of themselves that are great. I’m just a girl from New York City who decided to do this, after all. Rule the world! What’s life worth living if you don’t rule it?” – Lady Gaga

You can read the cover story in its entirety at


Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment

Fresh’s Sugar Rose Lip Treatment is the PERFECT tinted lip balm. I’ve wanted it for a long time because Allure and BeautyBlitz were raving about it, but couldn’t justify spending $24 on chapstick. On Friday, I had a job interview near the Time Warner Center by Columbus Circle. I was feeling pretty good when it ended, so I decided it was finally time to treat myself to the Lip Rose at the Sephora in the Time Warner Center.

I’m adding this one to my “cult favorites” along with NARS Orgasm Blush, MAC Zoom Lash Mascara, and Victor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb. The scent is lemony and sweet, a departure from the usual fruity or mint lip balms, and the color is just right. It’s not too bright or too dark, perfect for everyday. It’s amazing how much a little color in the lips can brighten up your entire face (and mood)!

This may be a pricey lip balm, but it’s seriously worth it. My only regret – not getting it sooner!

Favorite Spring Bag Must-Haves

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect spring bag. And since I’m a bag person, the pursuit usually lasts a longgg time and the list gets long. Luckily, I’ve narrowed down my wish list to just TWO perfect spring bags.

Coach “Kristen” Leather Large Hobo in Taupe ($398)

Image: Coach

I fell in LOVE with Coach’s Kristen Collection when I first saw it showcased on my favorite personal style blogger: Jessica Schroeder of What I Wore. I love everything about this bag. It’s classic and lady like, and also incredibly functional. It’s large enough for my everyday mess of stuff and the leather is super soft and light weight. Also, the bag can be worn cross body, as shown by Jessica here, or over the shoulder. I love the Taupe color because the color would look good with everything, and it’s season-less.

Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch in Pansy ($330)

Image: Luna Boston

Image: Luna Boston

The Rebecca Minkoff MAC (like all of her bags) is a wardrobe staple. I’ve been looking to add one to my collection for a while, and I LOVE this color for spring. Muted enough to mix and match with anything, this Pansy MAC is perfection! I love the MAC because it’s a little bit edgy and versatile. It’s roomy enough for the essentials, but doesn’t weigh you down. Also, I’m obsessed with the new lining for Spring 2010. Rebecca Minkoff is known for her attention to detail, and I always look forward to the fun surprise inside!

What bags are you craving for spring?

Lady Gaga Covers the April 2010 Issue of Cosmopolitan

“Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.”

Image: Cosmopolitan

Wise words of inspiration from Lady Gaga in this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan. Whenever a celeb that I have a certain affinity for is on the cover of Cosmo, I always eagerly anticipate the issue. Cosmo has unique cover stories because they include a handwritten “Cosmo Quiz” for each cover girl. Obviously, when I heard Gaga would be gracing the cover, I was extra excited.

My favorite quiz question…

“In 20 years, I hope people will say ‘Lady Gaga………..Changed my life and her music gave me an identity when I didn’t belong.'”

Definitely pick up the April Issue of Cosmo! As always, Lady Gaga is inspiring and outspoken.

Here are my favorite outtakes from the photoshoot:

Image: Cosmo

Image: Cosmo

Image: Cosmo

Steal Emma Pillsbury’s Style

“Gleeks” like myself know Emma Pillsbury (played by Jayma Mays) as the germaphobic guidance counselor at McKinley High. She’s known for having a major crush on Will Shuster (a crush that we discovered was mutual on the last episode of season 1, part 1), cleaning her grapes individually before eating them, and always looking chic and ladylike. I recently rewatched the first 12 episodes because I miss Glee a lot, and I was inspired by Emma’s look. It’s classy and fresh – perfect for spring!

One thing I love about Emma, she isn’t afraid of color! I love how she perfectly wears one color, head to toe. This can seem like a DON’T, but I love the way Emma pulls it off. To add contrast, variation, and drama, wear different shades of that tone. If you usually shy away from color, try piling on all of your neutrals to still get this monochromatic look!

Image: Glee

Bows. Bows. Bows. Emma loves bows. On her skirts, shirts, cardigans, jewelry, shoes, etc. They’re super feminine and cute. I love bowed pencil skirts for spring in fun colors, like this coral shade that Emma wears on the show.

Image: Glee

I also love this floral option from Mod Cloth. It’d be perfect with a white tee and fun sandals for a day in the park.

Image: Mod Cloth

Emma loves her cardigans. She’ll always wear a pretty, embroidered or embellished cardigan over her perfectly pressed blouses.

Image: Glee

I love this kelly green, floral cardigan from Anthropoligie. It’s absolutely Ms. Pillsbury worthy. And with such a pretty neckline, there’s no need for a necklace.

Image: Anthropologie

Emma accessorizes well. She wears colorful, vintage inspired jewelry. Her necklaces are bold and chic.

Image: Glee

Image: Glee

I think these options are springy, fun, and definitely Emma worthy.

Image: Anthropologie

Image: Shop Mamie

This spring, channel your inner Emma Pillsbury by wearing fun colors, lots of bows, statement necklaces, and classic silhouettes. While the entire Ms. Pillsbury look may not be your cup of tea, try working elements of her style into your spring look.

Glee returns to Fox April 13th!

Surviving April Showers

Earlier this week, it looked like spring had finally sprung! It was cardigan weather, my absolute favorite. But today, it’s cold and rainy. What gives?!?!

Mother nature is often unpredictable in the spring months (and you know… all the time). Not only can rainy weather dampen your spirits, but it can also interfere with your wardrobe choices. But it is possible to survive a rainy day while still looking stylish. Here are my spring weather must haves.

  • A chic, classic trench. Not only will a trench keep you dry, but they’re also super stylish and provide an instant gamine effect. Pair it with ankle-grazing skinny jeans, a striped top, a silk scarf, and a pair of flats (or Sperry’s for the rain) and you’ll be channeling your inner Audrey Hepburn. I like this affordable option from Old Navy. It’s a steal at $50.

Image: Old Navy

  • Stylish, lightweight, water resistant footwear is a must in the spring, especially if you live in a city or you’re in college. Nothing is worse than having to trek to class/work in the rain. I’m absolutely in LOVE with these coral patent leather Sperry Top Siders (about $85). They’re less bulky than rain boots and a lot cuter.

Image: Sperry

  • An  umbrella that won’t flip is a MUST. I hate being that girl getting soaked because her umbrella flipped. It’s embarrassing, and it will ruin your hair. I like this no-flip golf umbrella from totes. The small, colorful polka dot pattern is an instant pick me up on a rainy day!

Image: Totes

  • Last but definitely not least… if you don’t have pin straight hair (if you do, I ENVY you) rain can be a MAJOR mood killer because no matter how dry you manage to stay, your hair will be frizzy. Humidity is my worst enemy. The Remington Frizz Therapy Straightening Iron ($50) is the BEST thing I have ever purchased. Good Housekeeping named it as one of their VIP (Very Innovative Products) of 2010. As a former Good Housekeeping intern, I can tell you what this means: IT ACTUALLY WORKS and lives up to its claim. The straightener infuses smoothing conditioners into your hair… meaning that your hair will stay frizz-free for up to 15 hours.. even in the rain.

Image: Remington

It won’t be difficult to survive the April showers with such a cute, functional rainy day wardrobe. The best part is that the trench coat and Sperry’s are spring classics, so you won’t feel like you’re investing in things that you can only wear when it rains.

Happy Spring!

Gaga Loves McQueen

It’s so secret that Lady Gaga was a huge fan and supporter of Alexander McQueen. She often wore his cooky creations on stage, on the street, and in her videos. Some stills have surfaced of her highly anticipated video featuring Beyonce – Telephone – and her hair style is definitely another subtle McQueen-inspired nod.

Image: Interscope Records

Image: Imaxtree

I love this little McQueen tribute.
And…. I can’t wait to see this video!