The Details

I’m Kaitlin…with a K that is.

I’m a journalism student (recent grad) photographer, and fashion enthusiast. I currently work in digital media (hence, the blog) and I’ve recently migrated from Good Ole NJ across the river to Manhattan. My enduring obsessions include all magazines, Rebecca Minkoff, Gossip Girl, trying new foods and restaurants, New York City, Disney, the smell of leather, classic novels, books that will not make me smarter, sunny days in the park, my amazing puppy Kirby, and coffee.

I love you for reading my blog! Please do visit again soon.


2 responses to “The Details

  1. Hi,
    I work for Rebecca Minkoff and I see that you are a fan of the company. I wanted to know if I could get your e-mail address so that we can notify about new products and fun events.


  2. Dear Kaitlin, I will now be bookmarking your blog. Because you’re fabulous.
    -Sara from geology.

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