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The September Issues

You know what they say…  blondes have more fun. As a brunette, I can attest to the fact that this is not true — we all have fun. But, this September, blondes are taking over the newsstands.

September is the muched hyped about month in the world of women’s magazines and fashion glossies. Issues of Vogue and Elle literally look like the yellow pages, and they’re always filled with glistening, buzzed about ads from the top couture designers. (I can’t wait for Emma Watsons Burberry campaign!) It’s rumored that ad pages will be down about 1/3 this year. But look on the bright side: maybe we’ll actually be able to lug these magazines around during morning commutes.

Here’s the run down of alleged September Cover Girls:

Vogue:Charlize Theron.
Elle:Jennifer Aniston.
W: Kate Moss.
Allure:Amanda Seyfried.
Glamour: Jessica Simpson (am i allowed to ask — why?!)
Marie Claire: Ashley Olsen.

Look out for these issues on newsstands!

Last year, I loved the September Vogue featuring Kiera Knightley.

Vogue - September 2008

Vogue - September 2008

Oh wait.. I’m forgetting something. At the end of this month, THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE FINALLLLY ARRIVES in theaters. I have been awaiting this documentary since last September, literally. I can’t wait to see Anna in action. Watch the trailer here.

I cannot wait to dive into all of these September Issues.


Insider Look at Rebecca Minkoff’s Studio from

This video was the perfect thing to brighten up my Monday morning.

Thank you for giving us Minkettes an inside look at Rebecca Minkoff’s studio… and an inticing view of what’s in store for future seasons! So many previews of delicious leather bags in this video… Keep your eyes peeled for a new version of the Morning After Clutch with an over the shoulder strap.  I was literally drooling in my cubicle this morning when I came across this via Twitter.

Enjoy ladies 🙂

Treat Yourself: The Pedicure

The economy sucks. Everyday we are hearing more and more how dangerous it is to be careless with money. But guess what… that doesn’t mean we should deprive ourselves. 

Let’s face it — new purchases make us happy. New shoes make us feel sexy, new makeup makes us feel beautiful, and a new perfect-fitting little black dress makes us feel unstoppable. Shopping makes us feel good. And if you’re anything like me, I don’t feel quite myself when I walk into a retail haven and walk out empty handed. 

I’m a firm believer in the fact that you should purchase something for yourself with every paycheck. These days, maybe our paychecks (or unemployment checks :\) are a little smaller than they used to be — but that doesn’t mean we should stop indulging. 

So cheers to my new weekly post: Treat Yourself. Because even though I’m broke, interning at a magazine for no pay, I still find little ways to treat myself once a week. It keeps me sane, and even though some may thing this is shallow, it makes me feel content. 

I’m not going to pretend that we should purchase the latest It bag or pair of pumps every single week. I’m talking about little indulgences.

This week: treat yourself to a pedicure. Since I’ve been finding myself strapped for cash, the pedi was the first little luxury to go. But this week, I treated myself to a pedi, and I left the nail salon feeling relaxed and recharged — and loving my adorable toes. 

This week’s color: Essie Punchy Pink. This color is happiness in a bottle. The super bright pink is eye catching and vibrant. 


Essie - Punchy Pink

Essie - Punchy Pink

Seams to me like we all could use a pedi every once in a while. So indulge.

Phillip Lim Celebrates One Year in LA!

Today, Phillip Lim celebrated the one year anniversary of his store in West Hollywood.

Of course, Rachel Bilson, one of my favorite fashionistas, would host a party for one of my favorite designers.

Image - Just Jared

Image - Just JaredImage - Just Jared

And… Phillip’s favorite band, The Duke Spirit, performed. I can attest to the fact that they are incredible, especially so live! Last summer, I discovered the Duke Spirit at the All Points West Festival. I was mesmorized by their wonderful lead singer, Liela Moss. So much energy… I literally could not help but love her. She was the muse behind Alexander McQueen’s line for Target… I believe one tee shirt even featured her face!

The Duke Spirit

The Duke Spirit

Alas, this is yet another reason why Phillip Lim and I were destined to be BFFS :]
I’m sorry… I just can’t help but gush about this man. He is redefining American sportswear. One perfectly crafted dress, or party, at a time.

Elle Has Gone Off the Deep End?!

Elle is definitely one of the more intelligent women’s magazines out there. Their content is more elevated than some of their competitors, their headlines are witty and require some intelligence to decipher, and they are clearly speaking to a mature, successful woman. Although sometimes I feel like I’m reading about Botox month after month, the magazine has some very strong FOB columns, like their fashion news and New Designers section (my personal favorite section of any magazine ever). And all around, Elle is one of my favorites.

I was STUNNED when I discovered that… MILEY CYRUS will be the cover girl for the August 2009 issue of Elle. Elle. That’s right. Not ElleGirl, that folded. ELLE. Something is not right with this picture… And I have quotes to prove it.


Of her Walmart line designed with Max Azria, Miley says, “The jeans are my favorite part of the entire line. Because, like, literally this is going to be good for, like, Middle America, and it will be great for kids that really want to be in fashion but that don’t have it available.”

So eloquent. But this is just a terrible choice for cover girl. The demographic that Elle is supposed to represent will not want to read about Miley Cyrus. I don’t even want to read about her and I’m in college.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some teen idols that make wonderful women’s magazine cover girls. Taylor Swift, who graces the August cover of Glamour. Vanessa Hudgens is a regular on the fashion mag circuit due to her unique style, most recently covering InStyle UK. And Emma Watson, who is starring in the latest Burberry ad campaigns. These are all wonderful picks. But Miley Cyrus, in my opinion, has absolutely nothing to offer Elle readers.

Will you be buying this issue?

Fred Flare Finds

So maybe I’m a slow poke… but I JUST discovered Fred Flare. I’ve of course heard about it, but I literally just checked out their site today. It’s a problem — I know. I don’t know how this gem of a store could’ve stayed under my radar but… I just think some of their stuff is hilarious. Everything is quirky and unique, and I absolutely love it.

Let’s start with accessories:

Forget Me Knot Ring ($56; in gold or silver tone)

Fred Flare

 This is just absolutely adorable, for lack of a better word. It has a preppy charm since it’s a bow and all (very Blair) but the fact that it looks like an actual piece of string makes me love it. I need to own this ring. Soon!

Antique Gold Skeleton Key Necklace ($12)

Fred Flare

Fred Flare

This is everything I’ve been looking for in a key necklace, and the price tag is unbelievable! I’ve had my sights set on a key necklace for a while now, but I wasn’t feeling the Tiffany’s price tag. I was considering purchasing the Lagos Key for $200, but this BARGAIN saved me from having to shell out some serious cash. I actually like this key better too! It has an undeniable vintage feel.

Ginko Biloba Earrings ($30)

Fred Flare

I LOVE these earrings. They would be the perfect pick me up for a simple jeans, flowy top, and heels look or add something interesting to your favorite black dress. They’re different, and fun, and a little bit boho and refined at the same time… if you know what I mean 🙂

Now.. on to HOME goods. There were so many things I found hilarious in this category, but here are my favorites:

500 XL Giant Earbud Speakers ($60)

Fred Flare

Fred Flare

Imagine hosting your next summer party with these babies to pump out the tunes! An instant conversation starter, these speakers are just SO awesome. I’d love to meet the crafty person who created them…

To Don’t Pad ($8)

Fred Flare

Fred Flare

This is just hysterical. Because sometimes it’s a lot easier to make a list of things we shouldn’t do….

French Toast Stamp ($6)

Fred Flare

Fred Flare

Toast to Paris every morning with this toast stamp! I’ve always wanted one of these, and this one will make my morning breakfast of toast and coffee oh-so-chic.

Geeky Dream Boats: A Celebration ($12)

Fred Flare

Fred Flare

Let’s be honest… we all love geeks. Enough said.


There are about 1,000 other things I want from I’ll definitely be hitting up their store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn asap. And in the meantime check out the Fred Flare blog.