Lucky’s got the all Gossip Girls “covered”

As I was flipping through this month’s issue of Lucky, featuring the super adorable and super enviable (SHE IS DATING ED WESTWICK LADIES) Jessica Szohr, I found myself reminiscing on the Gossip Girls of Lucky covers past…

There was Blake in January of 2008. (I remember drooling over that Rag and Bone Blazer)


Leighton in August 2008, doesn’t she just look stunning?!


And now Jessica, April 2009!


The only missing piece of the Lucky Puzzle, Taylor Momsen! I’m not a super huge fan of Little J, but I mean.. we need to complete this quartet! And her real life style is definitely something a little different. She’s not afraid of the edge! 

Which cover’s your favorite?
Who’s real life style do you envy the most?

Blake’s classic and pulled together look? 
Leighton’s slightly funky yet always chic style?
Jessica’s effortless boho chic, super unique indie vibe?
Or Taylor’s carefree, rock n roll threads?

One response to “Lucky’s got the all Gossip Girls “covered”

  1. never really liked jessica on the show, but she is gorgeous. love her skin tone. the plum color is amazing on her.

    blake..i love how they didn’t overdo the makeup or style. she makes casual chic look good!

    and leighton, her cheekbones. amazing!

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