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My New Favorite Lip Colors

In the past, I’ve been one to shy away from lip color completely. I would wear nothing brighter than my Nivea Chapstick or a nude MAC lip gloss. Whenever I put on a colored gloss, I felt strange, and I would never dare to wear lipstick. Lately, that has entirely changed.

Back in June, I went to a beauty event with my roommate, and Maybelline was the sponsor, so they were giving free makeovers. I sat in the chair and told my makeup artist that I wanted to try a red lip, and she was delighted. “You’re my first person who wanted that today!” she said. A few minutes later  I had the perfect red pout, that shockingly, lasted through the night. The next day, I went to Duane Reade, purchased ‘Red Revival’ and red lip liner from Maybelline (all for under $10), and began to practice.

Once I mastered red, I started experimenting with other lip colors. With my complexion, hair color (dark brown), and eye color (green), the possibilities are endless.

MAC Lipstick in Toxic Tale

This bright, fun, pink is my go-to for a night out. Jeans and a black tshirt feel instantly more glamorous with this color on my lips. It’s definitely a bit look-at-me for a day at work, but I think it’s perfect for nighttime. It glides on smooth and stays put! It’s part of MAC’s Venomous Villains Collection, which should hit stores this month, but I scored it during a beauty sale at one of the magazines at work!

Tarte Liptint in Friday

This Tarte lip tint in Friday, layered lightly, is my at-the-office lip color. The deep plum seems to instantly brighten up my face, and the formula is smooth and conditioning. A couple more coats, and this color gets darker and more dramatic. I love the versatility!

I’m obsessed with this Cover Girl lipstain. The felt tip is mistake proof, the formula is long lasting, and this color is totally wearable for every situation. I love that I can apply it on the subway without having to worry about whether or not I have lip color all over my face. I definitely recommend this lipstain, and at $8, it’s a steal!

This ‘lipstain’ from Mark has more of a glossy texture, and in Lolli, it’s the perfect red for when I don’t feeling like doing a full red lip. It’s easy to apply on the go, and the colors lasts for hours!

And finally, the lipstick that started my lip color obsession, Maybelline Color Sensation Lipcolor in Red Revival.

If you’re shy about wearing color on your lips, I recommend heading to your favorite beauty counter and requesting a red lip! The makeup artists will know what reds work on you, and you’ll be amazed by how glam you look!


MAC and Disney to Release Makeup Based on Disney Villains

I could not be more excited for the latest MAC collaboration. MAC is teaming up with Disney to bring us beauty junkies a line of cosmetics inspired by Disney’s greatest bad girls. The collection is called Venomous Villians and will be in stores in September 2010.

Combining makeup and Disney is a genius idea for many reasons. But creating a collection based off of the Disney villains tugs at my heart strings even more. I LOVE the Disney villains as much as I love the Princesses. They’re all incredible, evil, and chic.



Image: Disney



My favorite villain is inexplicably Vanessa, the pretty version of Ursula in The Little Mermaid. Her role is minor, but boy is she evil!

I can’t wait to see the makeup collection inspired by these ladies. One thing they all have in common: red lips. I’m hoping to find the perfect red lipstick for me. Even better if it’s named after Malificent.

Alice and Wonderland Inspired Beauty

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the March release of Tim Burton’s version of Alice and Wonderland starring Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, and Helena Bonham Carter. To start the frenzy, there was the Tim Burton-dedicated exhibit at the MoMA, and now Alice and Wonderland mania has hit the beauty industry.

Image: Urban Decay

This Alice and Wonderland Book of Shadows palate from Urban Decay has a ton of pretty everyday shades, and a few playful ones that are perfect for a night out. I’m dyinggg to dress my eyes up in those electric blue and purple colors.  The “Book” also comes with 2 eyeliner pencils and a Prime Potion. And as a fan of pop-up books, this packaging is absolutely amazing! Creative, fun, and functional, this is my Alice and Wonderland Beauty Must Have.

Image: All Lacquered Up

Image: All Lacquered Up. OPI Polish in "Absolutely Alice"

Image: All Lacquered Up. OPI Polish in "Mad as a Hatter"

These glitzy OPI shades are super funky. Very Alice in Wonderland. I’m loving the purple tones in Mad as a Hatter. These polishes will be sure to shine some light on even the dullest of winter days as we anxiously wait for March to travel down the rabbit hole.

Treat Yourself: The Pedicure

The economy sucks. Everyday we are hearing more and more how dangerous it is to be careless with money. But guess what… that doesn’t mean we should deprive ourselves. 

Let’s face it — new purchases make us happy. New shoes make us feel sexy, new makeup makes us feel beautiful, and a new perfect-fitting little black dress makes us feel unstoppable. Shopping makes us feel good. And if you’re anything like me, I don’t feel quite myself when I walk into a retail haven and walk out empty handed. 

I’m a firm believer in the fact that you should purchase something for yourself with every paycheck. These days, maybe our paychecks (or unemployment checks :\) are a little smaller than they used to be — but that doesn’t mean we should stop indulging. 

So cheers to my new weekly post: Treat Yourself. Because even though I’m broke, interning at a magazine for no pay, I still find little ways to treat myself once a week. It keeps me sane, and even though some may thing this is shallow, it makes me feel content. 

I’m not going to pretend that we should purchase the latest It bag or pair of pumps every single week. I’m talking about little indulgences.

This week: treat yourself to a pedicure. Since I’ve been finding myself strapped for cash, the pedi was the first little luxury to go. But this week, I treated myself to a pedi, and I left the nail salon feeling relaxed and recharged — and loving my adorable toes. 

This week’s color: Essie Punchy Pink. This color is happiness in a bottle. The super bright pink is eye catching and vibrant. 


Essie - Punchy Pink

Essie - Punchy Pink

Seams to me like we all could use a pedi every once in a while. So indulge.

Return to Origins: The easiest way to recycle excess cosmetics packaging


Origins, the environmentally conscience cosmetics company, has launched a cosmetics packaging recycling program called Return to Origins. While some companies will take empty containers of their own product, some companies don’t even do that. I was very frustrated when I found an Elizabeth Arden mineral powder that I loved, packaged in a compact with a grinder, and I went to the counter to recycle this complex plastic packaging and they told me there was nothing I could do! 

The Return to Origins program accepts ALL cosmetics packaging… regardless of the brand or material. All you have to do is drop it into the recycling bins, set up in department stores and Origins stores across the country, and they do the rest!

3 Scary Facts*
– Everyday consumer product packaging accounts for 1/3 of all landfill waste
– Most community recyclers only take items made from materials that are easily recognized,       like soda and water bottles.  
– Cosmetic and toiletry bottles, tubes, caps and jars are among those items not easily           recognized and therefore not recycled.  
* Facts courtesy of Origins

The idea for the program was sparked when my favorite Editor in Chief, Linda Wells of Allure, wrote a provocative Editor’s Letter in Allure’s October 2008 issue. She expressed her disgust with the amount of packaging that goes into luxury beauty products, and how luxury is often synonymous with complex packaging. Origins took action, and the Return to Origins program was born!

Why not extend your spring cleaning to include your makeup bag? I know I have plenty of empty containers I wasn’t sure what to do with in the past… but I’ll be taking them to the Origins counter ASAP!

Holiday in Toyland!

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with OPI. I must own at least three shades from each collection, or else. I love the themes, and the names always crack me up! The latest collection, Holiday in Toyland is utterly fabulous, and perfect for all of those holiday themed cocktail parties we will be busy with for the next month….

Today I picked up… 

Sheer Your Toys … a darker version of one of my all time favs, Moon Over Mumbai. I have a feeling this will be this season’s go-to everyday shade when I just need a quick, no fuss manicure. 


Brand New Skates is absolutely PERFECT for the fun nights that lie ahead… it’s the perfect compliment to a sequined black top for a night out, or your favorite LBD for a classy holiday cocktail party, yet it isn’t harsh like the black trend that we have FINALLY seen fade (unless your LC). I love it, and I’m wearing it as I type!


Don’t Toy With Me is a glamed up version of classic red, which can get boring around this time of year. I’m not a fan of red nail polish, so this is such a great alternative. It’s a little bit darker and more sophisticated, and the sparkle definitely makes it unique! It’s seriously gorgeous…Just looking at it puts me in holiday cheer mode!


Seams to me with OPI got it right with their latest collection, Holiday in Toyland. Then again…they always do 🙂