Anna Dello Russo’s Watermelon Hat

Anna Dello Russo is definitely my favorite person to outfit-stalk. As the Editor at Large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan, she always looks the part, dressing in couture on a daily basis. She’s a favorite subject of famed fashion photographer Scott Schuman and for good reason.

While I haven’t seen any watermelon hats on the runway lately, leave it to ADR to sport one while watching the spring 2011 fashion shows during New York Fashion Week.

Patrick McMullan

This is amazing for two reasons. 1) Who doesn’t love watermelon? Especially SPARKLY watermelon. 2) ADR doesn’t take herself too seriously to wear a watermelon hat.

And I’m pretty sure she’s the only person who could show up to fashion week with a watermelon on her head. Period.


One response to “Anna Dello Russo’s Watermelon Hat

  1. neonthreadsclothing

    Love the hat! Very creative.

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