Rodarte for MAC Juarez-Inspired Collection Controversy

Everyone knows I love my Rodarte girls, but this latest controversy has me feeling a bit uneasy. When I originally heard that MAC and Rodarte were pairing up to create a collection, I was, naturally, counting down the days till the September 1, 2010 release. Once wind of the ‘inspiration’ for the collection caught on in the beauty blogosphere, that changed.

The Rodarte girls said that their MAC collection was inspired by a road trip that they took through the Texas area, more specifically, the city of Juarez, Mexico. Shade names from the collection included Ghost Town, Factory, Quinceañera, and Juarez. The problem with being ‘inspired’ to create cosmetics collection based on the city of Juarez is that the city is known mainly it’s high rate of sexual homicides and rape of women ages 12-22, and the police’s lack of response to this ongoing problem. Something about exploiting human suffering to sell cosmetics doesn’t sit well with me, or other bloggers.

Rodarte for MAC Ad Image

Luckily, MAC listened to complaints and the names throughout the collection are being changed. They also announced that they will be donating $100,000 to benefit the women of Juarez. At least some good came of this distasteful “inspiration.”

4 responses to “Rodarte for MAC Juarez-Inspired Collection Controversy

  1. Im from Juarez and I think is extremely offensive for people that are facing the kind of problems we have! They have no idea and I cant believe a company like MAC approved it just to mac just to create controversy to make money.

  2. If you would like to see MAC and Rodarte do more for the women of Juarez then there is a petition you can sign:

    This petition calls for MAC/Rodarte to donate ALL PROFITS from the Fall collection and help raise global awareness of the violence and exploitation of women in Juarez. They can and ought to do more for the women of Juarez.
    Thank you x

  3. $100,000 is chump change. What a bunch of privileged prats prancing around in haute couture living their happy lives. Pick up a damn newspaper once in a while. Why didn’t they come up with some “edgy” line inspired by college campuses and name them “Binge Drinking”; “The Walk of Shame”; “No means Yes”?

    Because it’s tasteless, that’s why.

  4. I’m not from Juarez and I’m not Hispanic and it doesn’t matter. This is unforgivable.

    Imagine the trouble they would be in if they’d called their products, “Ghost town” “factory” “Auschwitz” and “batmitzvah.”

    $100,000 is a joke. It just adds insult to injury.

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