MAC and Disney to Release Makeup Based on Disney Villains

I could not be more excited for the latest MAC collaboration. MAC is teaming up with Disney to bring us beauty junkies a line of cosmetics inspired by Disney’s greatest bad girls. The collection is called Venomous Villians and will be in stores in September 2010.

Combining makeup and Disney is a genius idea for many reasons. But creating a collection based off of the Disney villains tugs at my heart strings even more. I LOVE the Disney villains as much as I love the Princesses. They’re all incredible, evil, and chic.



Image: Disney



My favorite villain is inexplicably Vanessa, the pretty version of Ursula in The Little Mermaid. Her role is minor, but boy is she evil!

I can’t wait to see the makeup collection inspired by these ladies. One thing they all have in common: red lips. I’m hoping to find the perfect red lipstick for me. Even better if it’s named after Malificent.

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