Anthropologie Turtle-Print Dress

Yesterday, I fell in love with this turtle print dress from Anthropologie. Yes, I said turtle print. Different right?

Image: Anthropologie

I thought this dress would be the perfect surprise under my drab gown for my graduation next month! It’s so quirky, and very me. It’s made of a very nice, flowy chiffon-like fabric, and the thick black sash is the perfect accent. I can see myself wearing this so many places: to the park for a picnic, to work, out for cocktails at a rooftop bar, etc. For nearly $140, I wasn’t ready to make the commitment since I’m still in that broke college kid demographic, but the more I think about it, the more I fall in love with this adorable, unique dress!

2 responses to “Anthropologie Turtle-Print Dress

  1. i love this dress too! ive wanted to buy it for my brother inlaw wedding so bad!

    i was fun prints, most people think its weird

    ah pooop, its prob out already right?

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