Steal Emma Pillsbury’s Style

“Gleeks” like myself know Emma Pillsbury (played by Jayma Mays) as the germaphobic guidance counselor at McKinley High. She’s known for having a major crush on Will Shuster (a crush that we discovered was mutual on the last episode of season 1, part 1), cleaning her grapes individually before eating them, and always looking chic and ladylike. I recently rewatched the first 12 episodes because I miss Glee a lot, and I was inspired by Emma’s look. It’s classy and fresh – perfect for spring!

One thing I love about Emma, she isn’t afraid of color! I love how she perfectly wears one color, head to toe. This can seem like a DON’T, but I love the way Emma pulls it off. To add contrast, variation, and drama, wear different shades of that tone. If you usually shy away from color, try piling on all of your neutrals to still get this monochromatic look!

Image: Glee

Bows. Bows. Bows. Emma loves bows. On her skirts, shirts, cardigans, jewelry, shoes, etc. They’re super feminine and cute. I love bowed pencil skirts for spring in fun colors, like this coral shade that Emma wears on the show.

Image: Glee

I also love this floral option from Mod Cloth. It’d be perfect with a white tee and fun sandals for a day in the park.

Image: Mod Cloth

Emma loves her cardigans. She’ll always wear a pretty, embroidered or embellished cardigan over her perfectly pressed blouses.

Image: Glee

I love this kelly green, floral cardigan from Anthropoligie. It’s absolutely Ms. Pillsbury worthy. And with such a pretty neckline, there’s no need for a necklace.

Image: Anthropologie

Emma accessorizes well. She wears colorful, vintage inspired jewelry. Her necklaces are bold and chic.

Image: Glee

Image: Glee

I think these options are springy, fun, and definitely Emma worthy.

Image: Anthropologie

Image: Shop Mamie

This spring, channel your inner Emma Pillsbury by wearing fun colors, lots of bows, statement necklaces, and classic silhouettes. While the entire Ms. Pillsbury look may not be your cup of tea, try working elements of her style into your spring look.

Glee returns to Fox April 13th!


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