Blog/Style Crush: What I Wore

I have a serious blog/style crush on Jessica Schroeder of What I Wore. I love everything about this site, and Ms. Schroeder. Almost everyday Jessica takes a picture of what she’s wearing. The concept is simple, but Jessica’s sense of personal style is truly inspirational. She’s confident, creative, and easy to relate to. And I kind of love her. She’s been inspiring me to try new things and works some quirky pieces into my wardrobe.

Images: Jessica Schroeder, What I Wore

She’s also big on thrifting and incorporating vintage pieces into her looks, which I’ve been getting into. There’s something so exciting about finding an item that you know is one-of-a-kind. It makes me feel special!

I can’t really explain why I love What I Wore so much, but trust me… keep reading. Scroll through and be inspired by all of Jessica’s creative and fun looks. Jessica’s also started putting out newsletters, and they really speak to why she has this blog: It’s more than just pretty clothes, it’s about having the confidence to wear them. In her December newsletter she says,

“My purpose is to use my empathy and quirkiness to inspire and encourage women to feel good about their bodies and self image and express confidence in themselves.”

My New Year’s Resolution: To dress for me, and shake things up a little bit. Because this blog has had a major influence on me.

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  1. i sytel crush at my website

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