TSwift with Straight Hair and Bangs!

I’m absolutely LOVING Taylor Swift’s new look: straight hair with bangs. She looks so much older and sophisti-classy (word coined by Jonotjoe).

Taylor Swift - Image: Just Jared

Taylor Swift - Image: Just Jared

Seriously. This look makes me wish I had long hair again! And since we rarely see Taylor in anything but her signature curls, I can’t help but love how she’s shakin’ things up.

Also, can we discuss her outfit? And her shoes? I’m LOVING the oxfords right now. I recently picked up a vintage pair of cognac colored oxies similar to hers, minus the perforation. They seriously go with everything. And I love the clicky noise they made as I’m walking around. And I put these Steven Madden’s on my XMas List. (I think she might actually be wearing this exact pair)

Steve Madden

Oh and one more thing I’m obsessed with right now: HEAD TO TOE BLACK. Taylor looks awesome and appropriate in tights and a black blazer.

I’ve always been a black kinda girl, everything in my wardrobe is based off of black. It makes it easy when buying bags and shoes because I don’t need to look for the brown equivalents. Reese Witherspoon looks effortless and classy in this head-to-toe black look, accentuated (of course) with a divine Rebecca Minkoff Clutch.

Image - minkette.com


One response to “TSwift with Straight Hair and Bangs!

  1. i had no idea that was tswift! she looks COMPLETELY different, but i am loving her new look.

    ps. not only do i love reese witherspoon’s style, but that girl has some of the nicest bangs i’ve ever seen. coming from a girl with bangs, they are not easy to keep up!

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