These are a few of my favorite (Warm & Cuddly) things!

The change from fall to winter is happening. I’m living my life in over sized cardigans and doubly wrapped scarves, and I couldn’t be happier.

Lately, I’ve been having a serious weakness for ANYTHING warm and cuddly.
I’m currently addicted to the following:

1. My Snuggie. My zebra print designer Snuggie has been my best friend these past few weeks… keeping me warm while I read and knit Christmas gifts! I know Snuggies are ridiculous, but they are actually awesome.


2. Warm CARDIGANS. If cardigan was a brand, trust me, I’d be spearheading their PR campaign. There is nothing a cardigan can’t solve in the wintertime. Not sure what to wear? Throw on an oversized cardi, skinnies, and booties and you are set, and chic. Relaxing at home or studying for finals? A cardigan, leggings, and wool socks is the perfect outfit to help you focus on comfort. This season, the Gap has a wonderful and affordable selection. I’m definitely tacking all of these onto my Christmas List!

Gap - $54.50

Gap - $69

Gap - $59

Gap - $59

3. Chunky Knit Scarves, preferably homemade! You’ll save yourself a TON of money this season if you can learn how to knit or crochet, and it’s kind of fun! I love coming home after a stressful day and knitting away! I made this soft, chunky knit scarf for myself to see me through the winter months. It’s just your basic knit row stitch, but it’s cute and keeps me warm!

4. These adorable Panda socks from Urban Outfitters just make me happy. And they’re warm. And pandas are my favorite animal …. BESIDES (see below)

Urban Outfitters - $14

5. LAST.. but not least… my favorite warm & cuddly thing… KIRBY! My adorable, curly haired Cockapoo


He is the definition of a lap dog. Sit on the couch, and he will be in your lap in seconds… keeping you company and keeping you warm.

Happy December Everyone! May it be warm & cuddly.


One response to “These are a few of my favorite (Warm & Cuddly) things!

  1. fifteentwentyeight

    I can’t believe you blogged about a snuggie. How are we friends?

    (But all is forgiven for a mutual love of cardigans. WARMTH!)

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