Blake Lively covers Marie Claire

I’ll admit — I have a HUGE girl crush on Blake Lively. Let’s face it.. she’s gorgeous. Tall, blond, perfect, cute boyfriend, killer style. I once tried to grow my hair to Blake Lively lengths, and failed miserably (that’s why I sport a bob now). Anyway, the starlet graces the December cover of Marie Claire, and the November cover of Nylon, and looks amazing and radiant on both.

Enjoy this little snippet from the interview in Marie Claire:

The way you dress is so bold. You seem very comfortable with yourself right now. Living in New York, I feel stronger and more like a woman than ever before. In high school, it was like, what power do I have – I have long blonde hair, you know? But working as hard as I do now, I feel a sense of power and respect, too. And I’ve learned an incredible amount about fashion on Gossip Girl. Clothes are a personal expression, and my style is as ever-changing as I am: I’m growing, maturing, developing, I’m going through new things in my life, and with that, what I choose to wear changes.

I’ve always admired Blake for owning the clothes she wears. She takes risks, but always manages to look stunning, even when her outfits don’t necessarily work for me. She’s confident and has a great sense of personal style.

Marie Claire December 2009

Marie Claire December 2009

Here’s Blake on the cover of Nylon.. looking a little more edgy. (I’m reading the issue as I type!)

Nylon - November 2009

Nylon - November 2009











Even Blake’s maltipoo, Penny, is adorable!



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