Michelle Obama on the Cover of Glamour!

First Lady Michelle Obama graces the December cover of Glamour. And doesn’t she look radiant?


Glamour - December 2009

MObama’s style has definitely reached buzz-worthy status. She’s been praised for wearing clothes from H&M and J.Crew while loving designers like Jason Wu, Thakoon, and Isabel Toledo. She has redefined the first lady look, and made the “power dress” an acceptable rendition of the sometimes-boring power suit. There are blogs and entire Look Books devoted to her. She is a style icon… but Cindi Leive, Glamour Editor in Chief, says that she picked MObama for the cover because she’s passionate about empowering young women.

(And she’s a style icon)

On style she talks about something that is pretty empowering:

“People are always going to have opinions, and people have a right to their opinions, particularly when you’re the First Lady; you’re representing the nation. So I can’t be surprised that people are interested. But I’ve tried to be at peace with the choices that I make first, and then be open to everyone else’s reflection.”

The key to style is being confident in your choices. If you think you look good, should it matter what anyone else thinks? Dress for yourself and you’ll always have enviable, effortless style.




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