The Future of Fashion… According to some credible sources.

On Wednesday, New York City fashioniste flocked to the 92nd Street Y to discover where the Future of Fashion is heading. The discussion was led by Cindi Leive , Editor in Chief of Glamour. Leive was joined by panelists Ashley Olsen, Isaac Mizrahi, and Robin Givhan of the Washington Post who contributed to a hilarious and lighthearted discussion about the future of the industry in transition.

Photo: 92nd Street Y

Photo: 92nd Street Y

Isaac Mizrahi stole the show with his humor and outright hilariousness. Robin Givhan kept things serious by playing the role of intelligent fashion writer, and Ashley Olsen was well spoken and looked divine in a white The Row creation topped with a black Chanel jacket.

The panel discussed MObama and her status as fashion’s first lady, the idea of mixing high and low and getting it RIGHT, who women get dressed for everyday (the answer: other women!), and trends to love and hate. Mizrahi noted that his favorite trend is LOW-HEELED SHOES. Thank you, Isaac. I could not agree more. Ashley Olsen is loving TOMS Shoes, while Robin Givhan and Cindi Leive hope that platform heels never go away.

Here was my favorite quote from the night….
“Fashion Happens — Design is Eternal” -Isaac Mizrahi

And my favorite question of the night… Leive asked panelists to sum up the future of fashion in a phrase!

In the future… fashion will be:
“More Democratic” -RG
“Less obvious, more visual. More ‘fetishistic'” -IM
“More exciting” -AO

I don’t know what fetishistic means, and I don’t care.
Cheers to a more democratic, exciting, fetishistic future of fashion!


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