New York Fashion Week Returns…

New York Fashion Week is upon us. If you’re a good fashionista, you’ll spend the rest of tonight choosing your outfits for the week, giving yourself a mani/pedi in the seasons hottest shade (I’m still a fan of the deep purple), and getting your beauty sleep. The next week is going to be full of shows and parties, pretty people and pretty clothes.

There are a few things that I’m most excited for…

Of course… #1 is Rebecca Minkoff’s Spring 2010 presentation on Monday, September 14th. I’m just such a huge fan of Rebecca Minkoff, her bags, and now her flawlessly designed apparel line, that this is going to be the highlight for me. I’d like to think that I caught onto the MAB and RM before most, so this will be super rewarding and awesome for me. It’s like cheering on your favorite team,but instead of mesh jerseys we’re talking leather and lush fabrics. And remember to stay tuned to the blog and my tweets!

^ This Delight bag is brand new. And IT’S AMAZING.

#2. Prabal Gurung. His presentation during NYFW will be buzz worthy, I promise you. Why, you ask.  Because The Cut said so. And Rachel Zoe, and Elle’s Design Director Joe Zee has been Tweeting up a storm about him, calling him major (He was also featured in Elle’s coveted New Designer pages this month). I’m so excited for this collection. He’s been getting a lot of press lately, and I can see why. He is amazingly talented and he’s worked for some of the biggest names in American sportsware. This will only be his second solo show!

Prabal Gurung -

Prabal Gurung -

#3. PHILLIP LIM. Of course. I love everything this man does. He’s right about everything. An attention to detail that cannot be matched, a funkiness that is always dead on, and reasonable (in the fashion world) prices are why he has been so successful, even since the dreaded Recession has set in. He is the reason why designers are starting to reconsider what the word Luxury really means. Shoppers are looking for value when they drop cash, and Phillip Lim = value. I just love him. And I can’t wait to see what he throws at us this time.

Phillip Lim Fall 2009

Phillip Lim Fall 2009

^Note: Louboutins – check.

Bottom Line: Fashion week is something to get excited about. I find something about this week so inspiring. And this season, everything seems more accessible. The shows, the new “unofficial” venue Milk, Fashion’s Night Out, etc.

Enjoy your week. And stay tuned for major updates.
Also, check out’s guide to everything you need to know about NYFW, literally.



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