Would you starve yourself for Gucci?

I’ll admit that I want a pair of  Louboutins or the latest Chanel bag as much as the next girl… and in this economy, everyone is making sacrifices — But how far would you take it?  In Japan, women do crazy things (literally) for their designer conquests.

This month, Marie Claire reported that 25 year old Keiko Onishi of Japan landed in the hospital due to her unhealthy accessory obsession. In March, she collapsed after starving herself so that she could afford a limited edition Gucci bracelet watch. She ate nothing but miso soup for weeks, and she was diagnosed with severe malnutrition and dehydration.

Unfortunately, this is most likely part of a trend in Japan, which makes up 40% of all luxury good sales worldwide. Marie Claire also reports that around half of women in their 20s in Tokyo own a Louis Vuitton. HALF. That’s a huge number of women toting around $1000+ bags.

This is ridiculous, and scary. I love fashion, and I lust over designer items. But I know that certain things are not within my means. I will not be able to afford those amazing Rodarte boots this season, and I’m OK with that. I don’t think that having a designer-ladden wardrobe should be equated with style, as it seems to be in Japan. You can walk around NYC in an outfit entirely from H&M, and look fabulous. I don’t get this designer obsession… Style is style. You either have it, or you don’t… and it has nothing to do with how expensive your wardrobe is.

Would this make you starve yourself?

Would this make you starve yourself?


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