Rodarte for Target

It is a well known fact that the Rodarte girls are my favorite designing duo. They’ve taken the fashion world by storm and won a well deserved CFDA Award this year. Their designs are truly unique (something that is hard to come by in the fashion world…) and their clothes actually make you think. They are simply…amazing. Season after season I oogle their dresses, boots, jackets, etc. And then I realize that I will never be able to afford any of these beautiful frocks anytime in the near future. Yet some genius at Target has answered this broke college girl’s prayers…

This designer collaboration has me more excited than ever. While Matthew Williamson for H&M excited me, as did other collabs, but this one THRILLS me. RODATE. FOR. TARGET. Gosh I almost think I’m dreaming. The collection will land in stores December 20th, just in time for the holiday season. Pieces will range in price from $9.99 for knee highs to $79.99 for a leopard print jacket. I absolutely cannot wait. Counting down the days….

Rodarte - Spring 09

Brilliant. See you at Target December 20th.


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