The September Issues

You know what they say…  blondes have more fun. As a brunette, I can attest to the fact that this is not true — we all have fun. But, this September, blondes are taking over the newsstands.

September is the muched hyped about month in the world of women’s magazines and fashion glossies. Issues of Vogue and Elle literally look like the yellow pages, and they’re always filled with glistening, buzzed about ads from the top couture designers. (I can’t wait for Emma Watsons Burberry campaign!) It’s rumored that ad pages will be down about 1/3 this year. But look on the bright side: maybe we’ll actually be able to lug these magazines around during morning commutes.

Here’s the run down of alleged September Cover Girls:

Vogue:Charlize Theron.
Elle:Jennifer Aniston.
W: Kate Moss.
Allure:Amanda Seyfried.
Glamour: Jessica Simpson (am i allowed to ask — why?!)
Marie Claire: Ashley Olsen.

Look out for these issues on newsstands!

Last year, I loved the September Vogue featuring Kiera Knightley.

Vogue - September 2008

Vogue - September 2008

Oh wait.. I’m forgetting something. At the end of this month, THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE FINALLLLY ARRIVES in theaters. I have been awaiting this documentary since last September, literally. I can’t wait to see Anna in action. Watch the trailer here.

I cannot wait to dive into all of these September Issues.


One response to “The September Issues

  1. I agree, last September’s VOGUE was fabulous. LOVE Knightley and I’m excited for Ashley Olsen, we haven’t heard much of her.

    And ALLURE! YAY!

    This post made me very happy 🙂

    …as for Simpson…why?

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