Treat Yourself: The Pedicure

The economy sucks. Everyday we are hearing more and more how dangerous it is to be careless with money. But guess what… that doesn’t mean we should deprive ourselves. 

Let’s face it — new purchases make us happy. New shoes make us feel sexy, new makeup makes us feel beautiful, and a new perfect-fitting little black dress makes us feel unstoppable. Shopping makes us feel good. And if you’re anything like me, I don’t feel quite myself when I walk into a retail haven and walk out empty handed. 

I’m a firm believer in the fact that you should purchase something for yourself with every paycheck. These days, maybe our paychecks (or unemployment checks :\) are a little smaller than they used to be — but that doesn’t mean we should stop indulging. 

So cheers to my new weekly post: Treat Yourself. Because even though I’m broke, interning at a magazine for no pay, I still find little ways to treat myself once a week. It keeps me sane, and even though some may thing this is shallow, it makes me feel content. 

I’m not going to pretend that we should purchase the latest It bag or pair of pumps every single week. I’m talking about little indulgences.

This week: treat yourself to a pedicure. Since I’ve been finding myself strapped for cash, the pedi was the first little luxury to go. But this week, I treated myself to a pedi, and I left the nail salon feeling relaxed and recharged — and loving my adorable toes. 

This week’s color: Essie Punchy Pink. This color is happiness in a bottle. The super bright pink is eye catching and vibrant. 


Essie - Punchy Pink

Essie - Punchy Pink

Seams to me like we all could use a pedi every once in a while. So indulge.


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