Anna Sui for Target: Gossip Girl Inspired Looks Debut!

When we heard about the Anna Sui for Target collection being inspired by the Gossip Girl series, of course we were all ears. Gossip Girl is part intense drama, part amazing fashion, part beautiful men. This winning combo had us all hooked from day one, and since the show debuted, our Monday nights have consisted of GG. Whenever an episode concludes, I feel inspired in the way of fashion. Whether it be by Blair Waldorf’s signature headbands, Serena Van der Woodsen’s thrown together funkiness, or Chuck Bass’s purple, plaid, preppy looks.  And I especially love when my favorite designs are featured, like Rebecca Minkoff and Philip Lim.

Anna Sui’s collection for Target is inspired by the fashionistas of Gossip Girl. What a genious idea. Combining a television show with a cult following that is about the fashion with affordability. Not everyone who loves Gossip Girl and the threads can afford the UES lifestyle. Anna Sui’s collection will attempt to make the GG style accessible to everyone.

Image - Teen Vogue

Image - Teen Vogue

I’m loving these looks. Imagine if someone created a collection based off the ladies of Sex & the City. New Jersey housewives would be snatching those clothes up!

This is a brilliant idea — BUT I’d love to see someone create these looks on their own, not purchase them in their local Target.

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