H&M and Jimmy Choo Collaboration: Coming This Fall!

On November 14th, H&M will launch it’s latest (and dare I say greatest?) designer collaboration starring Jimmy Choo. I almost didn’t believe this when I read it… This is the moment every Carrie Bradshaw-like writer or journalist with a real (not SATC Land) paycheck dreams about. This collaboration must be exactly like meeting your sole mate…

H&M has collaborated with fabulous designers like Matthew Williamson, Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf, Roberto Cavalli, and even Karl himself in the past, BUT the Sweedish brand has never collaborated with an accessories designer. This is a first step towards a trend I hope H&M continues to follow season after season. Their designer collaborations are always so well done, and this will surely follow suit.

Prices will begin at $49 for a pair of flats (a steal compared to Jimmy Choo’s starting price point of $400/$500 for flats) and cap off at around $250 for a pair of boots.

And we talk about a recession like it’s a bad thing. If the economy has inspired one thing to reevaluate itself — it’s the fashion industry.

Courtesy of H&M

Courtesy of H&M

One response to “H&M and Jimmy Choo Collaboration: Coming This Fall!

  1. Thanks for the information, the wife is a massive Jimmy Choo (JC) fan!

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