Rob Pattz Causing a Stir in Manhattan

So today… I’m eating lunch at a certain cafeteria of a certain magazine publishing house where I am an intern.. and my intern friend A shrieks out loud when I read this text message I received from a friend… “Robert Pattinson is at NYU, Washington Square Park – go find him!” For a good 5 minutes, she debated whether or not we should venture down there in hopes of catching a glimpse him. Then.. I received another text message. This one read, “my cousin saw him, he said there we screaming girls everywhere.” That obviously ended any hopes we had of extending our lunch break.

Robert Pattinson was in New York City today filming for his new romantic drama, Remember Me.

While I do not understand the Robert Pattinson frenzy, and he may or may not actually smell, I kind of like his look. Yes, yes, it’s a little bit grungy and there’s much to be said about his hair, but a guy in a plaid button down is.. for some reason… my weakness! Along with Chuck Bass-like get ups.

Courtesy of Pop Sugar

Courtesy of Pop Sugar

He gets DOUBLE POINTS for drinking coffee from the lovely ny street vendors. Unless of course, that cup is a prop from filming…. But he definitely embodies that casual-i-don’t-give-a-crap look that girls obviously can’t resist.

It looks like this lack of sun we’ve been having is getting to him though!


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