I want Will Ferrell Sunscreen!

So maybe Will has been on a slight decline in the laugh-out-loud-funny department after Elf and Anchorman, but when I saw his new line of sunscreen, I found it absolutely hysterical.

Courtesy of Will Ferrell Sunscreen

Courtesy of Will Ferrell Sunscreen

Will Ferrell Sunscreen comes in three cleverly and crudely named formulas: Sun Stroke, Sexy Hot Tan, and Forbidden Fruit. Each has an SPF of 30, which is the perfect amount of everyday protection (depending on who you ask). The formulas are scentless and don’t leave a greesy residue. And I love the fact that you’ll be able to wear these without smelling like you just stepped off the Banana Boat.

The bottles retail at $12, which is pretty much the average cost of a sunscreen. Next time your at the beach or the pool, these ridiculous bottles will be the perfect conversation starter when the cutie next to you asks to borrow your sunscreen.

And.. there’s more. 100% of proceeds benefit the Cancer for College’s College Willpowered Scholarship Fund, an organization that grants scholarship funds to cancer survives and amputees.  So you’ll be protecting your skin, Will Ferrell Style, and seriously helping out a great cause.

Seams to me like it’s a win-win 🙂

You can purchase your Will Ferrell Sunscreen on amazon.com, ebay.com, or the charity’s web site. I’m totally ordering mine.. right now!

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