Return to Origins: The easiest way to recycle excess cosmetics packaging


Origins, the environmentally conscience cosmetics company, has launched a cosmetics packaging recycling program called Return to Origins. While some companies will take empty containers of their own product, some companies don’t even do that. I was very frustrated when I found an Elizabeth Arden mineral powder that I loved, packaged in a compact with a grinder, and I went to the counter to recycle this complex plastic packaging and they told me there was nothing I could do! 

The Return to Origins program accepts ALL cosmetics packaging… regardless of the brand or material. All you have to do is drop it into the recycling bins, set up in department stores and Origins stores across the country, and they do the rest!

3 Scary Facts*
– Everyday consumer product packaging accounts for 1/3 of all landfill waste
– Most community recyclers only take items made from materials that are easily recognized,       like soda and water bottles.  
– Cosmetic and toiletry bottles, tubes, caps and jars are among those items not easily           recognized and therefore not recycled.  
* Facts courtesy of Origins

The idea for the program was sparked when my favorite Editor in Chief, Linda Wells of Allure, wrote a provocative Editor’s Letter in Allure’s October 2008 issue. She expressed her disgust with the amount of packaging that goes into luxury beauty products, and how luxury is often synonymous with complex packaging. Origins took action, and the Return to Origins program was born!

Why not extend your spring cleaning to include your makeup bag? I know I have plenty of empty containers I wasn’t sure what to do with in the past… but I’ll be taking them to the Origins counter ASAP!


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