Finally… The RM Mini Mini MAB

I saw RM herself holding this bag on some purse blog a few months ago… and I’ve been WAITING for its arrival. SO today… when I saw Rebecca Minkoff tweeted about Shop Bop’s new Rebecca Minkoff feature, I so obviously checked it out. And behold.. the mini mini.

This bag is absolutely perfect for summer. During the school year, I tend to lug my life around. I always have a notebook, my planner, and various other college student essentials in my bag. BUT in the summer, the load tends to be much lighter. Wallet, sunglasses, chap stick, and keys. Especially since I’ll be spending this summer in the city interning at a magazine, I like to keep the essentials to a minimum. 

Another thing I’m loving right now is the cross body strap. I thought I’d try it out, so I bought a very reasonably priced almond colored cross body bag from Forever 21, and I love it. So the RM Mini Mini will be the ultimate upgrade. 

The coral is beautiful.. but I’ve got my sights set on the Paper White. 

And the best part… due to the smaller size, the bag is more affordable. Now all I need is a paying job.


One response to “Finally… The RM Mini Mini MAB

  1. Hey! Fellow RM lover, here. The MAMM is ADORABLE! I’m on a SO (Special Order) @ TPF for a BBW MAMM, and I can’t wait for it to get here…

    Are you still looking for the paper white MAMM? There’s one on for $185, so go grab it quickly!

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