April showers bring… Rebecca Minkoff FLOWERS!

These divine little pouches made my rainy day suddenly cloud free! But Rebecca Minkoff tend to has that effect on people, TRUST ME. 

The Rebecca Minkoff Flower Trio is an adorable collection of three RM favorites (the Cory, Kerry, and Erin) in a gorgeous blue flower print. 

The trio is reasonably (for RM) priced at $88. But hurry! It’s a limited edition item, and is bound to fly away to brighten other girls’ spring days!

AND… This will make an adorable Mother’s Day gift, and the print is seriously so versatile. I’m thinking this could be the perfect addition for the inside of my MAB mini. The three pouches are perfect for the essentials: the smallest for change/metrocards, the medium for my endless supply of chapstick and lipgloss, and the largest for the makeup essentials! 


Image - Rebecca Minkoff

Image - Rebecca Minkoff

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