Vanessa looking AMAZING shopping in LA

Vanessa Hudgens. I love her. But even if you hate her, you’ve got to admit, she has fantastic style.

I can’t describe it… but for some reason, I just love everything this girl wears. And it’s not that I think all her outfits are amazing, it’s more about the way she wears her looks.

Image - Just Jared

Image - Just Jared


It always seams so effortless, but you know that it’s calculated. This floral top is comfortable looking, yet oh so chic, the skinny jeans keep it casual, and those amazing ankle boots add some edge and glam at the same time. The Balenciaga bag is a staple for Vanessa, and the aviators are an unexpected throw back.

And her hair… i WISH my hair looked like that everyday!


3 responses to “Vanessa looking AMAZING shopping in LA

  1. weird I blogged about VHUDG too

  2. cldnt agree with you more!!
    love her!
    definately one of actors with the best style in hollywood

  3. you’re totally right. She has an amazing style. A fashion icon definitely

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