Recessionista shopping goes vintage!

All we hear about is the economy. All I think about when I read fashion magazines is how BROKE I am. So… It poses a slight challenge to us fashionistas out there. HOW do we look utterly fabulous at every moment of the day while shopping on a budget?

The oh-so-chic answer: go vintage!

It makes perfect “cents.” And its a win win for everyone. We score cheap and unique items while keeping our bank accounts from going into the red like Ms. Rebecca Bloomwood. The perfect solution for every shopaholic!

The ultimate question may be… where do I find these fabulous vintage threads at reasonable prices?

The Clothing Warehouse

The Atlanta based Clothing Warehouse sounds almost too good to be true, and the store  just opened its NYC doors this week. The store, with its rustic floorboards and exposed brick walls, offers a range of fabulous vintage threads including dresses from the 60s and 70s, button downs, real vintage tees, and boots in any color your shopping heart desires! The dresses are the perfect way to transition into spring paired with a vintage leather jacket. If there’s anything better than just regular leather, it’s vintage leather….

Read more here:

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