My new lipgloss obsession!

I’ve always been kind of a coloredglossaphobic. I never thought I could pull it off without looking too severe. Usually, I wear nothing more than Nivea lip balm on my lips, or the occasional Laura Mercier Lip Glace’ in Bare Beige. 

BUT my latest cosmetics counter discovery has left me feeling like I can FINALLY pull of the colored gloss look. 

I went to the Clinique counter a few weeks ago for some pressed powder, and of course they were giving out a FREE GIFT! With the mini makeover kit came this fantastic lip gloss, Clinque Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in … Raspberry!

The scentless gloss glides smoothly across lips, moisturizing while providing the perfect amount of sheer pink tint. It leaves your lips looking as though you just ate a red ice pop that had super glossifying powers. I love it, and I know that it will become my go-to product this spring! And … it’s affordable at $13.50! 





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