more scary rihanna/chris brown/domestic violence stats

Reading another teen mag blog revealed even MORE shocking and scary statistics regarding the Rihanna/Chris Brown situation….

Teen Vogue Daily reported that the Boston Public Health Commission conducted a survey to poll teen’s views on the matter. A shocking and “unsettling” number of Boston teens believed that Rihanna was AT FAULT. No one is ever at FAULT and deserving of abuse! 

This is going to continually bother me until these girls realize how WRONG this is! Is the defense of Chris Brown popular because he’s “cute” and a singer? No matter WHO is the perpetrator, it’s never ok! this is just scary… 

THIS IS NOT OK!!!!!!!!

Read more here: 

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One response to “more scary rihanna/chris brown/domestic violence stats

  1. Check out A.P.T’s new song/music video, “Hey There Rihanna”, a parody of Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah” that talks about all things involving the Chris Brown v. Rihanna incident. Hilarious, funny, and a FREE download, too!

    Don’t forget to re-post it and send it to your friends!


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