Oh Philip. I do adore you.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a slight obsession with all things Philip Lim. From his fabulous and not so basic basics, to his Bendels exclusive canvas tote, I’ve been following this man’s career since virtually day one, and I’m so so THRILLED to see him thriving. It’s like seeing your first born child graduate college (or something… maybe). 

With the recession hitting everyone hard, including (GASP) fashion designers, it was slightly refreshing to see someone stick to the very idea of fashion week and the escape that it provides from the real word (aka: the recession). Lim didn’t hold back this year due to the economic times. 

And the rock n roll inspired collection definitely stuck a chord with me

My favorite looks from the show:

1. Plum colored tights. 
2. An utterly fabulous embroidered/embellished cream colored shrug.
3. Edgy studded vests.
4. A completely gorgeous military inspired jacket.
5. A printed chiffon dress… with fabulous detailing and a purple* necklace (purple is so the color of the moment).
6. A white and black printed dress with a ruffle down the center and an inverted v hemline. The stunner was the back of the dress, with was cleverly cut out.
7. My 2nd favorite look of the show… a pale pink dress with a jagged heavily embellished hem and embellishment down the front. The model tripped on her utterly amazing Louboutin and had to stop to take one off. I felt bad!
8. Ah finally, my favorite dress. The signature Philip Lim 1 shouldered dress in white chiffon with a small black print. GORGEOUS gathered details, as always. 

All models wore Louboutins, the red soles made me smile. 

There was one look even I couldn’t get behind…
Gold striped metallic pants. NEVER ok.  

The opening looks were edgier, with a darker and more neutral color palette, mostly black with cream and the plum color was consistent throughout the show in the tights. Then, we started to see camel colored ensambles, with pops of color, my favorite being a bright pink silk ruffled blouse. Then things got a little softer with some sweet chiffon dresses.. but not for long! 

The show took place in the most expensive fashion week venue. It may be ok for seasoned vets from Vera Wang to cut costs by showing in her show room, but for a new comer like Lim, it was the right move. And he is one of the hottest designers out there right now! He even had live music courtesy of Lissy Trullie.

Another show well done !

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