It’s Still February Everyone…

Ah Campus Crimes of Fashion. There are far too many lurking about this little New Jersey college… and today was a HIGH POINT of my people watching/outfit criticizing career. 

Rules for Dressing in February… even if it is NEARLY 60 degrees out

1. Lets wear REAL shoes. No flip flops or open toes of any kind. No sandals, please. At LEAST wait til April. Flats are fine, and perfect for that 50-60 degree weather. You end up looking chic and sensible… not like you haven’t been getting pedicures all winter. 

2. SHORTS ARE NEVER OK IN FEBRUARY IN NEW JERSEY. I DONT CARE IF ITS 70 DEGREES OUT. It’s still FEBRUARY people. Put on some jeans and lets move on with our lives. (Oh and side note… I saw someone in florescent green jean shorts? When did those come back… I haven’t seen such atrocities since 5th grade.)

3. Please wear sleeves during the month of February. 3/4 or long is preferable. MAYBE if you are wearing a bulky sweater I could see you making a case for a shorter sleeve, but I saw some fashionably challenged students in short sleeves today.. which is fine except, it’s the middle of winter. 

4. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER … I DONT CARE WHAT THE WEATHER IS LIKE.. Wear a jean skirt, leggings, and Uggs. EVER AGAIN. I feel like I’m walking through the halls of my high school circa 2003. The Hollister look was so 5 years ago. Graduate to skinny jeans please, or a sensible winter skirt. Don’t channel your inner Abercrombie Model. 

5. OMG… IT’S SOOO HOT LET ME GET AN ICED COFFEE AND SIT OUTSIDE. Ok, I LOVED iced coffee… but I don’t sit outside the library drinking an iced coffee when the temperature is still in the upper 50s. I got a CM and sat outside in my winter coat. That’s the sensible thing to do.

6. Now… this is actually didn’t witness but my BFFL J saw a girl in the bookstore… in…. wait for it… wait for it………..
A SUMMER SUN DRESS. Really? I love how the weather warms up just a tad and girls are always ready to expose that skin! Apparently…she didn’t even have a sweater over it! RIDICULOUS. 

SEAMS TO ME like everyone’s getting justttt a bit ahead of themselves. And since no one has had the time to shop this years spring trends, everyone was donning last years tired garb in an unoriginal way.

Today’s lesson… In February… We dress like it’s February.
Thank you


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