Is Allure donzo?!

Say it isn’t so. Word on the street (aka: NyMag’s The Cut and NYP) is that Si Newhouse is considering shutting down Allure. I hate that magazines are the first thing to go when the economy is awful. PLEASE SI…. do not do such a horrible thing to us Linda Wells’ admirers and Allure devotees.

If Allure closes, I will be devastated. I fell in love with the magazine when I heard Linda Wells’ speak at a conference. She’s so inspiring, and has done such a fabulous job building the magazine from the ground up. I especially love her letters from the edior, they are always heart felt and inspiring… I actually feel the personal connection that letters from the editor are supposed to evoke! 

I’m a huge fan of Ms. Wells, so please Mr. Newhouse … let her keep her job – She’s been running that magazine since 1991 and does an awesome job…for lack of a better word.


Vote to save Allure here!


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