Ed Westwick… is just… godly.

Ok… so when Gossip Girl started last year… we were ALLLL about Nate Archibald. And while yes, he is a very spectacular looking man, Ed Westwick has grown to embody this entirely different kind of sexy that Nate/Chace simply cannot compete with.

The Top 3 Reasons Why Chuck Bass/Ed Westwick is ABSOLUTELY DIVINE:

1. I LOVE a man who can wear a scarf. Seriously.. Chuck Bass’ style is fierce. He’s a big fan of the man scarf… the pocket square… and all things preppy and pink. I believe he even rocked a pair of purple pants once, which is hard to do if you aren’t going for that Pimp look. But Chuck Bass can pull anything off. Anyone else would look completely ridiculous… so bachelors – DONT TRY THIS AT HOME!

2. The real Ed Westwick is British. I saw him on The View I believe? And he was going back and forth between his Chuck Bass voice and his REAL, sexy British accent that could make a girl do anything… and it was pretty much the steamiest 2 minutes of television I’ve ever seen.

3. His facial expressions. THIS… is what really makes him sexy. I know I’m over using the word sexy in this post to the point where it’s probably making you want to hit me BUT… there is no other way to describe the things he can do with that perfect face. Some would say its good acting… but I’d like to think its just Ed in his natural state of god like beauty.

And I think his new ad campaign proves my point :o)
These pictures hit NYC billboards on Friday… so ladies, lets try to avert the eyes as much as possible. We don’t want sudden heart failure in the middle of Times Square… Unless of course, Ed/Chuck is waiting in his shiny black limo to whisk us away to The Palace.

Image - Just Jared

Image - Just Jared

Image - Just Jared

Image - Just Jared

Image - Just Jared

Image - Just Jared

2 responses to “Ed Westwick… is just… godly.

  1. K, I am the original Ed/Chuck lover. I converted Kat. Haha
    also, pick up the new harper’s bazaar. ooh, baby…that’s all i am going to say.

  2. I have to agree with you. At first, Nate seems the obvious choice but after a while Chuck Bass/Ed Westwick really grows on you. He manages to get away wearing all those clothes that you’d never imagine could look remotely good on anybody (purple sweaters? those suits?). I haven’t heard him with his British accent but the way he speaks on Gossip Girl is, well, sexy.
    And his facial expressions can’t be described other than downright sexy, like you said ;).

    Those pictures are amazing btw. Never thought that I would be a Chuck Bass/Ed Westwick fan but I guess there’s a first time for everything.

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