Confessions of a Shopaholic hits close to home…

I have this absolute NEED to read books before the movies come out. A few weeks ago, I purchased The Reader, Revolutionary Road, and Confessions of a Shopaholic since I am definitely seeing all of the movies soon… 

The Reader was a deeply touching novel, and I haven’t gotten to Revolutionary Road yet BUT…

Confessions of a Shopaholic might as well be my autobiography. Rebecca Bloomwood aka Kaitlin (insert last name here). Some of the things Rebecca says are just SO dead on with the feeling us shopaholics get when we enter our favorite retail utopias. Sophie Kinsella makes me laugh out loud multiple times throughout the book. Maybe its because I empathize with Rebecca and I know where she’s coming from. But Kinsella is hilarious… and I especially loved that Rebecca was British…while reading I would begin to use phrases like shop assistant, bloody, and fancy (as in fancy him, her, this, that, etc.) 

I loved the book. It was witty and the situations Rebecca would find herself in reminded me of old episodes of the Honeymooners or I Love Lucy. The book itself is an indulgence… and a wake up call! I resolved to start making deposits into that savings account immediately! 

But… just by the previews I can already tell the movie is going to be quite different. For one, I’m pretty sure Rebecca is a New Yorker. But hopefully Luke Brandon is sexy 🙂


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