Why Girls Love Rebecca Minkoff

I remember the day I discovered Rebecca Minkoff and the MAB. It was a hot, sticky, summer day, and I was aimlessly floating about Bendels, happy to be in the AC. Of course, I found myself in the handbag room. Like a magnet, I was drawn to a display of gorgeous leather bags. The sales woman informed me that these bags had just arrived, and were from a brand new New York designer, Rebecca Minkoff.

Maybe it was the fact that she was a New York based designer (we always love the hometown hero), or maybe it was the simplicity of the bag, the richness of the colors, or the humorous name, but I instantly fell in love with Rebecca Minkoff and the morning after bag. The leather was supple, the hardware shiny… And my favorite part, it was a bag I could guarantee no one on my college campus would own (people at my school just don’t care about fashion).

I was sold. My MAB has been with me on many adventures, both good and bad, but my MAB has become a part of me. If I show up at Sunday brunch with a different handbag, my friends are immediately thrown, and ask where Rebecca is. A handbag, more than any other accessory is deeply personal. It sees everything that you put in it, the little bits and pieces that make up your life. So naturally, I feel a somewhat personal connection to Rebecca Minkoff and her deeply fabulous handbags. Lately, her bags have gone from indie to mainstream, and I could not be happier 🙂 After all, everyone should experience the best morning after in the world!


One response to “Why Girls Love Rebecca Minkoff

  1. Finally, somebody who understands the perfection that is the MAB & mini. 🙂

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