Holiday in Toyland!

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with OPI. I must own at least three shades from each collection, or else. I love the themes, and the names always crack me up! The latest collection, Holiday in Toyland is utterly fabulous, and perfect for all of those holiday themed cocktail parties we will be busy with for the next month….

Today I picked up… 

Sheer Your Toys … a darker version of one of my all time favs, Moon Over Mumbai. I have a feeling this will be this season’s go-to everyday shade when I just need a quick, no fuss manicure. 


Brand New Skates is absolutely PERFECT for the fun nights that lie ahead… it’s the perfect compliment to a sequined black top for a night out, or your favorite LBD for a classy holiday cocktail party, yet it isn’t harsh like the black trend that we have FINALLY seen fade (unless your LC). I love it, and I’m wearing it as I type!


Don’t Toy With Me is a glamed up version of classic red, which can get boring around this time of year. I’m not a fan of red nail polish, so this is such a great alternative. It’s a little bit darker and more sophisticated, and the sparkle definitely makes it unique! It’s seriously gorgeous…Just looking at it puts me in holiday cheer mode!


Seams to me with OPI got it right with their latest collection, Holiday in Toyland. Then again…they always do 🙂

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