these are a few of my favorite designers…

I figured for my first post, I would just let all of you know who it is exactly that I am obsessed with. I truly love fashion, but there are a few designers that I can NEVER get enough of… and of course, I will try to blog about fashion I DISLIKE as well, but I’m sure you’ll be reading a lot about….


1. PHILLIP LIM. He is my main obsession of the moment. I’ve been borderline stalking his career (well not really) since I came across this beautiful tunic of his in a boutique three years ago. And I am THRILLED (that’s a gross understatement) that he has been so successful and truly is the next huge thing in fashion. Redefining American sportswear one beautiful piece at a time. I have nothing but love for Phillip (we’re on a first name basis). 


2. Marc Jacobs. MJ is the man… and quite frankly, NO ONE can do what he does. Sometimes, he sends utter chaos down the runway, and it just works. It always does. He’s a true artist, and the ONE person whose brain I would love to spend a day inside. I can’t help but love everything that he does, and he is the only man who can get away with wearing a skirt. 


3. Rodarte. In two years, these two sisters have done the unthinkable. After a week in New York, all the major editors and buyers in the fashion industry had seen their collection. Their pieces are very 1940s Paris, with romantic touches that I can’t help but adore. When I see the intricate beading, pale chiffon, and hand stitching, I get the sensation that these girls can read my mind. Everything is just downright beautiful. 


4. Karl Lagerfeld. No description necessary. If you know fashion, you know why we all admire this man. 



It seams to me like you’ll be hearing a lot more about these fashion geniuses in the future 🙂


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